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Set Your Goals

In the book, we go into detail about how goal-setting for your business and personal life can start you on a path to your new and exciting life. 

Why not take some positive action and download our goal setting exercise? Don’t forget to print off a copy for your partner too if you have one, as it is more fun and easier with you both doing the exercise together. 

Download the pdf below and take some really positive action today!

Download The Goal Setting Exercise:

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Ali's Goal List

Stuck for ideas? Why not copy some of mine! In the interests of openness and to show how well this can work, take a look at some of my goals here. I have included a snapshot of the first 12 I drafted last year. There are some big, hairy, ambitious goals and some easier to achieve. 

You will see that I have managed to tick off most of my year one goals, with the exception of buying a house, which we will achieve in 2024. 

 And we are busy making plans for our vow renewal to coincide with my wife, Amber turning 50. 

That just leaves the big goals which I continue to work towards. But I know I am far more likely to achieve them, having written them down and given them focus. 

I hope you achieve all your goals too. Let me know how you get on: