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Ali Carter Goal setting

Do you want to help your team or event attendees achieve their goals in work, life and business?

Are you struggling to find someone within your budget, to give an inspirational and life-changing talk?

Get in touch with Ali and see how he can help turn your meeting, conference or event into one that inspires the attendees to take positive action in their lives.

Ali offers 3 talks based on your budget and time constraints:

Option 1) 30-Minute talk on Ali’s journey to setting up a multi award-winning business and the mistakes he made. Ali discusses the 6 pillars of support you need to maintain when starting a new business or fast-tracking your career. He also explains how his mental health impacted his business and gives tips on how you can help others when they are struggling too.

Option 2) Goal Setting Workshop – 2 hours. Ali takes you through his story as above, but also helps the attendees list their life goals by taking them through the Goal Setting Exercise, which the book recommends. Attendees comes away with a 50 goal plan, with a timescale and priority for each goal. Ali then helps you manifest the most important goal in a moving and memorable way. This is an interactive workshop that can be life changing for participants.   

Option 3) 60-Minute talk including interactive Q&A session with Ali. Ali takes you through his inspirational story and how goal setting helped him achieve his objectives in life and business. Ali then answers questions and interacts with the audience, answering their questions on mental health, starting a business, goal setting and building a team . 

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Check out this video from Ali about how he can help your event.

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