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Greater Expectations

Wealth and Wellbeing: Achieve Both Without Sacrificing Everything

“A genuinely great read. I got through 150 pages in just one night! Anyone reading this book will genuinely get something incredible out of it.”

Great Expectations Book Cover
Great Expectations Book Cover



Improving your life and making significant changes for the better is challenging – especially if you have complex childhood issues, react poorly to rejection and think you can do it all by yourself!

In Greater Expectations, Ali takes you through his personal journey from chef, to police officer, to family mediator and finally founder of a tech start-up.

In Greater Expectations, Ali shares with you the methods he used to turn his business & his life around, by focusing on the 6 pillars of support and goal setting. Ali shows you how you can do the same to make significant and substantial changes to your life. 



“Greater Expectations serves as a compelling illustration of the transformative potential that coaching and goal-setting can bring to both a business and its owner. This book is a powerful, engaging, and motivational read. Ali’s honest and witty account of his journey, starting from scratch and navigating through the challenges, is refreshingly candid. I am thrilled that ActionCOACH played a pivotal role in contributing to his success.”

Brad Sugars, Chairman & Founder, ActionCOACH


It's Arrived

The first completed order of the book has finally arrived!

I’ll be signing these and sending them out to a few of the people mentioned in the book. 

If you want your own signed copy, just let me know.


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